Warrior Women Empowerment and Wellness Weekend

Coming 2019

Watch for details soon!

Let's face it...
Taking time away from a busy life is difficult, but certainly not impossible.
Asking you to release a weekend is not a small favor. 
I understand how precious your time is. So is mine.

But the opportunity to escape from everyday routine and pressure...
The excitement of doing something creative and unique - just for you...
The ability to immerse yourself in beautiful surroundings...
The possibilities of creating new connections...
The absolute benefit of being able to refocus...rediscover...reconnect with what's important to you...
And the time to relax and reflect is the answer to "why a weekend wellness retreat".

Without dedicated time to listen to your inner voice...
Without uninteruppted opportunity to receive and process...
Without the ambiance to de-stress, all of the wonderful things that could happen, would not have the uninterrupted  time  and space to take place.

 Our weekend program is a perfect balance of

  • Quiet time and fun time
  • Getting to know others and getting to know yourself  again- or in a deeper way
  • Discovering your core foundational strengths upon which to build
  • Rediscovering or reconnecting with your dreams
  • "Letting go" of stumbling blocks and "Letting in" the authenticity of all you are
  • Amazing sessions where you can learn from experts on interesting or new topics
  • Opportunties to share or just be quiet and soak it all in
  • Activities designed to excite and energize
  • Activities that will challenge or gently push you to be where you want to be
  • Resources and techniques that will open up new possibilities
  • Memories and smiles...new friends and new beginnings.

Review our agenda..read about the amazing sessions...

Register today..There are only a very limited number of spots available.

Don't you deserve some time for You? 
See what these women discovered!

Why a Weekend Retreat

"Little Girls Who Have Dreams Become Women Who Have Vision."