Sandy McDougall

Sandy McDougall helps women understand and restore their relationship with money so that they can provide well for themselves, their families, their businesses, and their dreams for their future. As a Wholistic Women’s Life Coach and Money Mentor, Sandy believes that as we build new awareness and create new habits around our relationship with money, we uplift and empower the way we live in every other dimension of our lives as well.

Michele Gordon

While teaching Svaroopa® yoga for twelve years at RBY in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Michèle followed the calling to return to the DMV to open her own yoga studio in November 2014.  MiRé was born, and she joined Warrior Women and her first retreat in 2015. Michèle’s vision is to help others learn that yoga does not have to be strenuous, and to help those in pain establish a calmer, easy, and slower way to live and move.  


“The relaxing, slower, healing aspects of Svaroopa® yoga helped me balance my full schedule of family and work; plus reduce stress everyday.  It was amazing! And so easy.”  As a lifelong teacher, Michèle earned her M.A. at GWU in Washington, received her yoga teacher training in Rehoboth Beach Delaware and Philadelphia Pa, and began teaching Svaroopa® yoga in 2002.
About Warrior Women, Michèle says, “To give is the greatest gift you can give to the world, and it is the responsibility of every citizen and community member. How many business people and owners do you know support your passions and goals as an entrepreneur and an individual?  Then consider your own professional contacts and what you have provided for each of them.  Warrior Women provides this incentive to gather, reflect, and make plans for your future endeavors, even when ‘life’ makes other plans along the way.”

gained  the support of Jack Canfield and Dr. Bruce Lipton, and is now helping thousands of others around the world improve their lives. 
​Dina will share her insights and teach us her amazing process at the 2017 Warrior Women Arise event. Meet Dina online at

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​​Donna Dettling

Donna Dettling is a lifestyle coach, professional organizer and artist. In 2010 she left an accounting career that spanned over thirty years to start her business, Simpler Life Solutions. ​ Open and down-to-earth, she brings compassion and calm to her clients with the intuition and insights that make her a natural coach. Donna uses her artistry, attention to detail and practicality to create warm, uncluttered spaces, functional systems and sensible storage. She guides clients toward a simpler, supportive lifestyle by teaching how to eliminate excess and reframe detrimental thoughts and emotions. Together they establish a solid framework that provides the space, time and mindset needed to focus on essentials and live with joy and ease.

At 62 years young, Teresa is a “Lioness Arising", gathering and uniting with others to raise up this next generation of lionesses who want to impact and influence the world for Christ. She encourages those around her to awaken into who God uniquely designed each of us to simply be.
Teresa’s current life journey has evolved as a singer-songwriter and storyteller. She exhorts, inspires, and encourages all who cross her path, and the “whosoevers” that desire to succeed and overcome in this LIFE. Since 2007, Teresa  has served the community of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, alongside “Come Rest Ministries", (an interdenominational ministry of renewal that helps people rest and renew in Jesus’ Love). 

​​​Dina Proctor

Dina Proctor is a life and business coach, inspirational speaker, and best-selling author of Madly Chasing Peace: How I Went From Hell to Happy in Nine Minutes a Day. After hitting emotional rock-bottom, she -quite unintentionally!- created a process called 3x3 Meditation (3 minutes, 3 times a day) that enabled her to transform every aspect of her life. From weight loss and banishing addictive cravings to reconstructing relationships, this simple and yet incredibly effective method has

Meet our Speakers...

As one of only a few IIHA Certified Hand Print Analysts in the world, Bonnie’s joy path is to help others embrace self-worth by decoding and revealing their authentic Life Agenda blueprint. Combined with her intuitive gifts and coaching skills, she uses her original GPS processes to guide clients to abundant joy and personal freedom. Her dream is to bridge the gap between therapists and holistic health practitioners, training them to effectively use her Guidance Power Source ™ life transformation methods.  She is currently sharing her GPS presentations with small groups and audiences while studying to attain her Metaphysical PhD in Holistic Counseling. Please read about her story and her GPS offerings at​.

Donna Gallagher

Donna is CEO and Founder of Warrior Women
Arise,  an organization dedicated to INSPIRE...EMPOWER and IGNITE women into action to become all they were intended to be.  She believes it is NEVER too late to be all you were created to be.

   Over twenty-five years of experience in marketing, event planning, business development at the corporate, entrepreneurial and non-profit worlds, allows her to bring business expertise and personal passions in holistic health and working with women together in this weekend.
   Donna was the inspiration and co-founder of a thriving group called Women Balancing Life and Business. She also is Training Manager at the Maryland Women's Business Center.
  She is  a sought-after speaker, published author, poet and a believer that women can achieve anything they put their minds and hearts toward.  She embraces the concept that women can change - and are changing the world - one woman, one inspired dream, one brave deed at a time.
   Donna wears the title, "Chief Dream Catcher" of Warrior Women Arise as her calling is to inspire and empower women to follow their dreams.

She is a member of the Christian Women's Business Network, eWomen Network, Women Business Owners of Montgomery County and WINC ( Women in Networking for Christ).

She believes each woman has a story to share that results from the lessons of her own life.

Donna would love to speak to  your organization and inspire them to become all they were intended to be.  Married over 40 years to her high school sweetheart, she resides in Germantown, Maryland. Her husband, children and six grandchildren are the joys of her life.

Donna can be reached via or

Through this journey Julia was able to connect with her unique purpose with clarity, and she is honored to guide others on this journey and help take them from being buried in their life, to becoming planted where they are.  For more information visit​​​

​​Donna is an active member of the Assoication of Professional Organizers, and has been featured in the Washingtonian Magazine and on radio and TV interview shows. She is a sought-after speaker and a respected leader in church, community and professional organizations. Learn more at

Julia Coplan

Julia Coplan is a purpose coach with Amoryss Awakening Academy.  She guides underground healers -- those who haven't yet discovered they are healers, or those who know they are healers but remain dormant -- in discovering what it is they are here to heal for themselves and for others; and reclaiming their gifts, starting with the gifts they put away in life in order to fit in.
 It was reclaiming her first gift of dance that began an awakening process for Julia that lead to rediscovering all her gifts, those she those she knew about, and those she never knew she had. 

Warrior Women Empowerment and Wellness Weekend

Bonnie Gordon Patterino

Bonnie is an International Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Life Transformation Coach who has enjoyed a thirty year career helping thousands of people to create and live better lives.  From being Assistant Director at The White House Athletic Center to owning Vows & Wows Wellness Spa, she has lovingly led them to find life purpose, inner well-being and vitality. As a visionary creator, she has developed her GPS Your Path work, teaching higher levels of self-discovery methods as paths to self-actualization and joyful purpose living.

His gift to amplify (market viral campaigns on social media) the messages of authors, speakers, and leaders was referred to as a game changer in the social media world. He studied strategies of leveraging like-minded and like hearted audiences to create these epic social proof campaigns for the leaders he chose to serve. 

His ability to capture the human spirit is another reason he is sought after and invited to some of the biggest international events and speaks on those stages on how to collaborate their influence to cause social proof viral campaigns that benefit everyone at the event.

He has authored 18 books on a multitude of topics to include children, linguistics, marketing, networking, and travel. His current book 'Keep Smiling... Shift Happens!' has caused a movement of celebrities and leaders to want to join in helping remind the world positivity attracts positive power.

​Conference Organizer's Note: Ken is one of the few men allowed to speak at Warrior Women as he always imparts something special!

​​​​​​​​Jessica Piscitelli Robinson

Jessica Piscitelli Robinson is a storyteller with, and the founder of, Better Said Than Done, Virginia’s premiere storytelling troupe.  Jessica has led storytelling workshops and presentations for such organizations as AHRQ, AAMC, Inova Fairfax Hospital and Marie Stopes International.

Kathleen Ammalee Rogers

Award-winning filmmaker, author, mind-body-energy coach, and intergroup bridge builder, Kathleen Ammalee Rogers has dedicated over 25 years to empowering people to cherish themselves and act courageously in creating happier, healthier, more meaningful lives and communities. Weaving Western science and Eastern well-being traditions, Kathleen is educated in Nursing (University of Maryland), Clinical Psychology (Loyola College), and Mind-Body-Energy Work (Barbara Brennan School of Healing Science.) 


Jessica’s first novel, the urban fantasy Caged, was published October 2016 under the pen name JP Robinson. Jessica is currently working on the sequel, Rise, due out this Fall.  Her true, personal story, “The Game,” was published in the short story collection Sucker for Love, “What Are the Odds” was published in The Northern Virginia Review, Volume 29, and "The Talk" is included in the anthology Roar: True Tales of  Women Warriors. Jessica also helps corporations and non profits share their visual stories through her corporate video production company, Capture Video, Inc.

In addition to her private coaching practice, Kathleen consults with medical professionals, educators and leaders. Kathleen is winner of two New York International Independent Film and Video Festival Best Short Film Awards for The World is Yours and Inner Peace. Her other works include: Center, Listen, Heal CD; Happy, Healthy Weight CD; Blueprint for Life Workbook and CD; Six Minute Workplace Stress Relief Meditation; and The Coming Home Story CD.  Available in fall 2017, her new book is a practical guide to help you reclaim your life and rekindle optimism about the future.

​Teresa  Steele Lydon is a child of God, an overcomer of cancer, divorce, and Lyme’s Disease. In her second marriage of 28 years, she is the wife of a retired war soldier, and the mother of two combat veterans. She’s served alongside our military, supporting her family, during four tours of duty. Her legacy includes four fully grown children on earth and four children in Heaven.  

Ken Rochon is an international author and speaker.
After losing his mom to Alzheimer’s Disease in 2008, he searched for meaning and purpose in his life. He prayed for a sign that would allow him to dedicate his life to service and utilize his skillsets to amplify leaders.