Warrior Women Empowerment and Wellness Weekend

Coming 2019

Watch for details soon!

How It All Began...
The idea for Warrior Women Weekend Retreats came about becasue of a book I read and a need in my own life. 

A true "sandwich generation" woman who splits my time between caring for grandchildren (something I consider a joy!), a caretaker of an aging parent, a wife of 40 years, a mother of three married children, a friend, a sister and a professional woman, I found myself soul searching.

I played all of these roles well. But WHO was I? WHERE did my dreams go? Did I even have any dreams anymore?

I willingly poured myself into so many others for so many years,
but now, I felt disconnected from myself,aimeless, uncertain of the future and restless.
Very restless!

The more I read about "women in transition" and talked to women who felt "overwhelmed", women who lost site of their "dreams", women who did not "laugh" enough anymore, women who were just "burned out and in need of "refreshing, rebalancing and reconnecting" with themselves,
I knew that the need for a weekend retreat was very real.

Each time I shared my vision with friends, colleagues and acquaintences, the response was immediate and an over-whelming, " I NEED THIS. Count Me In".

So, I gathered the best material, called upon experts in various areas of women's interest
 and set out to create an agenda that would be

  • Unique and Informative
  • Effective and Fun
  • Thought Provoking and Interesting
  • Memorable and Refreshing
  • Affordable and Valuable
  • In a relaxing and beautiful location 

And that is how Warrior Women Wellness Weekend Retreat was born.

Whether you must reconnect with or  re-invent yourself, we invite you to join us on an amazing journey.

Believe in yourself and that you are worth the time away (only two and one-half-days of your life). That's not too much to ask of yourself after all you have given to so very many.

I love the following quote and hope you consider its truth.

"It is not that people stop pursuing their dreams because they grow old.
 They grow old because they stop pursuing their dreams."

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

This weekend retreat is a time for you and about you.  
Our promise is to give you value and create a memorable and fun experiece that just might be the catalyst for changing the rest of your life!

Don't let all the chatter in your head rob you of an opportunit that could be exactly what you need.

Review our incredible agenda and read the bios of our fabulous speakers.

Remember, it only takes one person to change your life - YOU!

Are you willing to be...BRAVE...BOLD...and BEAUTIFUL?
You already are...You just need to know it and own it...

And that is what being a Warrior Woman is all about.

Register today..space is limted because a retreat like this needs to be reserved for a small group so that we can focus on each person.

"There is a young girl in me who
refuses to die!" 
​Tove Ditlevsen

How Warrior Women Came Alive.