Warrior Women Empowerment and Wellness Weekend

Coming 2019

Watch for details soon!

How, after being all things to all the people in my life, can I become who I need to be for myself?

 It takes being brave to make the decision to do something for yourself. It is not selfish- it is necessary so that you can refresh and continue giving to others.

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WARRIOR WOMEN ARISE Wellness and Empowerment Retreat is  for YOU! 
Now is the time to Fight for Yourself and be true to what you need!

It means being bold to acknowledge to yourself and others that it is OK to slip away and finally invest in your own life.

And believing that you are, always have been, and continue to be beautiful inside and out means stopping the self-defeating chatter in your own head and stepping into the power and purpose of the rest of your life.

  • If you often feel overwhelmed by life and all that is required of you... 
  • If you long to reconnect to the fun-filled and excited little girl or younger woman that you intuitively know is still inside of you...
  • If you need to remember, renew or re-create your own dreams and desires...
  • If you are in transition of any kind and need to get clarity...
  • Or if you need simply to refocus, rebalance and just take a refreshing breath to stop the world...

Don't you deserve some time for You? 
See what these women discovered!